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Faves of 2011: The Random

Nomes of Inkcrush is hosting The Faves of 2011 Awards . This time the topic being: Random Stuff. 1. Fave first sentence The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak First the colors Then the humans That's usually how I see things Or at least, how I try. 2. Fave book title The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. It rhymes. :D The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty. Secret assignments sound very intriguing. 3. Fave reading experience (ie: created a great reading memory) The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I will always remember The Book Thief because it made me realize how very very lucky I am to be born in this time and have the family that I have. 4. Book with the most sensual weather (made you shiver/sweat) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. This one's definitely on the shiver side because it was snowing in Sweden that and also the thought of having a murderer on the loose. So it's pretty chilling (excuse the pun). 5. Can’t believe you waited this

Faves of 2011: The Characters

Nomes of Inkcrush is hosting The Faves of 2011 Book Awards . This is my post for the second day topic: The Characters. 1. Favourite female main characters I have to pick Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief because she is tough and brave, being able to survive in the kind of environment she was in, that and her love for her family and friends. Ella from Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine because she took matters into her own hands and did not let her curse enslave her. And Viola from The New World by Patrick Ness because I can see a bit of myself in her.  2. Favourite male main character Vernon Godlittle from Vernon Godlittle by D.B.C. Pierre. He is a bit of a foul mouthed, crazy kid but what he says most of the time makes sense .  3. Best couple   Ellie and Lucas from Fairytale Fail by Mina Esguerra because these two are kilig-inducing and Ella and Charmont from Ella the Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine because I loved the development from friendship to a romantic relation

Faves of 2011: The Books

After seeing Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook and Tina of One More Page participate in Nomes of Inkcrush 's The Faves of 2011 Book Awards , I thought I will be a copycat and join them as well. 1. Favourite book read in 2011 I can't pick just one so I'll have to go with The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak , and Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta . 2. Most powerful book The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak . This book made me realize the weight of words, how it can change the way we think and act, how it can start a revolution, and give and end lives.  3. Brilliantly funny The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty had me smiling the whole time, and Dramacon by Svetlana Chamkova which is HaHa funny. 4. Best ache-y, heart-breaking, tear-jerker read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro because I couldn't believe that that was their purpose in life and I was so rooting for Kath and Tommy wishing that they could at least have had a much more longer time together. And

The Series Wishlist

The year is almost at its end and I can't help but think of the number of series that I have left hanging for several reasons like lack of funds and an existing big TBR pile. So I thought I'll make my Christmas bookish wishlist this year to contain nothing but the other book/s of all the series that I want to complete. 1. The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness 2. Fire by Kristin Cashore 3. Lirael by Garth Nix 4. Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde 5. Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner 6. The Mysterious Benedict Society (book 1 or 3) by Trenton Lee Stewart - I got the 2nd installment first without knowing that it was part of a series. 7. Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli 8. Trese Book 3: Mass Murders by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo I sort of freaked out after seeing that I have 7 series left hanging. That's a lot.  Now, it is highly unlikely for me to get any of the books listed here because my family just refuses to gift me with books saying that I alrea

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Summary from Goodreads : I can steal anything." After Gen's bragging lands him in the king's prison, the chances of escape look slim. Then the king's scholar, the magus, needs the thief's skill for a seemingly impossible task -- to steal a hidden treasure from another land. To the magus, Gen is just a tool. But Gen is a trickster and a survivor with a plan of his own. This book is different. It's a more quiet kind of fantasy read, less swashbuckling, more dialogue and story-telling. There is no romantic angle and none of the big bang magic fantasy stuff. So I get why  people might find the story too sleepy and slow.  But despite that, it still sustained my interest for various reasons. One, because of the dynamic characters. Gen, the thief starts off as a witty, bragging, whiny, thief. The Magus seems like a know-it-all who looks down on people. Pol as a tough, trusty  guard with little emotions to show . But as the story progresses, Turner was able to reveal

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Summary from Goodreads : Jason has a problem. He doesn’t remember anything before waking up in a bus full of kids on a field trip. Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper and a best friend named Leo. They’re all students at a boarding school for “bad kids.” What did Jason do to end up here? And where is here, exactly?  Piper has a secret. Her father has been missing for three days, ever since she had that terrifying nightmare. Piper doesn’t understand her dream, or why her boyfriend suddenly doesn’t recognize her. When a freak storm hits, unleashing strange creatures and whisking her, Jason, and Leo away to someplace called Camp Half-Blood, she has a feeling she’s going to find out.  Leo has a way with tools. When he sees his cabin at Camp Half-Blood, filled with power tools and machine parts, he feels right at home. But there’s weird stuff, too—like the curse everyone keeps talking about. Weirdest of all, his bunkmates insist that each of them—including Leo—is related to a go