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August 2016: Required Reading

July 2016 - Required Reading Report: Okay so remember what I said about me and Meliza moderating a book club discussion sometime this November with the theme: Book to Movie Adaptation? And that I would like to keep the titles a secret until voting day? We'll I am going to keep it that way! Because I am annoying that way! 1. Mystery Book #1 - (5/5 Stars) While I don't think I have fully grasped what this book is truly saying, the writing style is something else. It's brusque and coarse, and with sentences and phrases that repeat all throughout the book. And I mean all that in a positive way. And there is that chaotic, random and trippy feel to the whole thing. But it works because the style doesn't appear to me as gimmicky, instead I find it significant to the kind of story the author wishes to bring to life here. This book is just mental but it's one hell of a thrill ride. 2. Mystery Book #2 - (5/5 Stars) The author's choice of an unreliable narra