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January 2015 Required Reading + Reading Challenges

I decided to participate in two reading challenges this year namely:  1. Award Winning Books Reading Challenge 2015  hosted by Gathering Books I had a blast being part of this challenge twice (2012 and 2013)! And I am happy that they resurrected it for another year!  This is how the challenge goes: "We are not restricting this to children’s and YA book awards. We are also not restricting this to books that have received recognition for 2015 – you can include books that have won an award for any year. We also welcome entries on adult literature such as books that won the Man Booker Prize, Man Asian Literary Prize, the Pulitzer, and other recognition of exceptionality in literary works. This is not restricted to international awards. Local/regional award giving bodies would likewise be honored." Four Levels of Participation: Level 1 (10 books or less) – Bronze Medal - My Goal Level 2 (11-25 books) – Silver Medal Level 3 (26-35 Books) – Gold Medal Level 4 (over 35

2014: A Year in Reading

Let's crunch some numbers shall we? Fiction : 16 Short Story Collection : 5 Non Fiction : 4 Play : 2 Novella : 1 Graphic Novel : 5   Total: 33 Others:  Web Comics : 4 Independent Short Story:  2   Independent Audio Short Story : 3 Independent Essay : 1 2013 Reading Challenges Result A. Check Off Your Reading List (CORL) Challenge by Gathering Books :  Aim: Level 2 (11-25) Books - Book Savant - ACCOMPLISHED . See tally above. 1. Make a dent on the Fantasy books in TBR pile - FAILED . I only managed to read A Dance with Dragons by GRRM. Pffft. 2. Read the physical books in TBR pile - FAILED . Except for about 5 books, A majority of what I read last year were new acquisitions, ignoring the old ones on my pile. Pffft. B. Self Imposed Reading Challenges: Read more books outside wheelhouse, like: 1. Read a title from "The Intimidating List" - PASSED. Read 3! (Take note of the article "a". Haha. Set the bar low!) *Cloud Atlas by David Mi