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June 2016: Required Reading

May 2016 - Required Reading Report: 1. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness - (4/5 Stars) I was unsure about this during the first few chapters. The whole "wink-wink", meta thing can be terribly annoying. Parodies too can grow tired fast and sometimes turn mean in lesser skilled hands. But I worried for naught because Patrick Ness is an amazing writer. At least for me, he took a risk and he pulled it off. Having the chosen one fantasy story in the background adds texture to the YA contemporary story in the forefront. It made, what could have been a run-of-the-mill coming of age story, less hackneyed. I love the contrast between the plot driven fantasy story of the indie kids, and that of the character driven, internal monologue-y contemporary story of Mikey and his friends. That and the fact that Ness writes such good prose and with much sensitivity. Mikey's experiences with OCD and anxiety felt very genuine to the point of familiarity. The Rest of Us Just

Rabbitin Turns 5!

Things have been awfully quite here in my blog, I know. I haven't been putting out posts as frequently as I would like. It's not necessarily that I lack time. I mean I can make time. But it's more like my brain being all over the place. My sister going away for good during the start of the year seems to have put me in a certain headspace that I haven't been to before. Well, I already haven't been blogging that much late last year, so I guess it's not that after all. Bah, what am I saying? See? Brains all over place! Anyhu, I will always do my darnest to keep this blog afloat! Because I love that I got to meet awesome books and people (TFG and Meliza, I hope to see you sometime this year!) through this blog! I love that I always feel comfort and the joy when I am writing in this blog! I will always cherish this darned blog! I love you blog! I love you blog readers! I love you literature! I love you all! BRAINS.ALL.OVER.PLACE.