The Tintin Shop

Thanks to a tip from Chris of Ficsation, I was able to drop by this awesome shop in Singapore. A shop entirely dedicated to everything Tintin!

Drool-Worthy Hardbound Tintin Comic Books

Tintin Posters and more Comic Books!

Tintin in a spiffy car with his spiffy coat.

A couple of Tintins and some of the gang.

I apologize for the lousy pictures. You can check out their facebook page: The Tintin Shop (Singapore).

If ever you are in Singapore you can check them out by heading to: 
56 Pagoda St., Chinatown, Singapore 059215 (Chinatown MRT exit A)


  1. I didn't even know this place existed! I should check it out as soon as we return back to Singapore

  2. Drool-worthy is right! :P The staff was also so nice to let us take pictures inside their store, don't you think? Did you get anything? :)

  3. @dementedchris Sadly no. It was our last stop, a lot of money was already spent on pasalubongs. I regretted not getting the 3 stories in 1 comic book. I should have used my food money. Tintin Comic book definitely trumps possible starvation :) I sulked when we got back to the hotel. Har! :)
    You were right, the staff were super nice. They let me go all camera crazy. But when I walked out without a single purchase, they were probably pissed! :)

  4. @Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooksHi Myra! I finally figured out the comments section on blogger! I sent you an e-mail though. This place is pretty easy to find,a few steps away out of the Chinatown MRT station Exit A. I hope you get to visit the shop.


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