The Time Warp Trio 11: Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge? by Jon Scieszka

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I have heard of Jon Scieszka's more famous work, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Fairy tales (which I am hoping to get my hands on soon)  so when I saw his name on this book, I though it would be worth the read.

The story is about three boys, one of whom owns a blue book that allows them to time warp. This time they are catapulted into 1887 Brooklyn, their hometown but this is not like the Brooklyn they know, but one with an unfinished Brooklyn Bridge, A missing Statue of Liberty, Zero cars or skyscrapers. And accidentally they happen to drag in a few "future" relatives as well as the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison who happens to be acting a little out of whack. Thus, there is now the possibility of the light bulbs, phonograph, and electricity not being invented at all, putting at risk the world's future.

Let me start of with the trio: Joe, Sam, and Fred. Joe's hobby is doing magic and he is the owner of the blue time warping book and it is in his voice that the story is told. I think this sort of designates him as the leader of the rat pack. Sam on one hand is the group's brains and an aspiring inventor, Fred is the strong willed sports fan/athlete and is likely  to instill some courage into the group and push them to action. Together they make a formidable trio. They actually remind me of The Mysterious Benedict Society Kids. With Joe seeming like Reynie, Sam like Sticky, and Fred like Kate.  The story is fast-paced. In fact, I finished it in a couple of hours. They are beset with the usual travails of time travel: having difficulty managing their way around "the same but not quite" Brooklyn, of sticking out like a sore thumb because of how they look, eliciting weird looks from people and even attracting the attention of a policeman as well as an antagonist that makes them quiver in their pants  (as to who or what that is, I'll leave it for you to discover), all that and the added fear of the possibility of never being able to go back home and perhaps altering the entire world's future. Bringing forth one without phonographs, light bulbs, or electricity.  Yipes!  All these are upon the shoulders of three kids with different personalities. And as expected, arguments came up among them and I love the witty banter being exchanged back and forth. I think that's one of the strengths on the book, the great dialogue.  Kids would love this book, its a fun, quick read with an added bonus of a history lesson.   

Meet the Boys:

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Image from Time Warp Trio Wiki
Image from Time Warp Trio WiKi 


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