Giveaway Winner!

First off, thank you for those who joined my first ever giveaway! It was great playing Dementor! (No, a gentleman dementor: Sir/Madame, may you please be so kind as to give me a happy memory? Haha. -> The Remains of the Day hangover.) I read all of your answers, nomnomnomnom. And the stuff that made you happy, made me happy! Yiiiiiii! :) 

But Randomizer has spoken and the winner is..............

Congratulations Lynai! Send me your mailing address with full name and contact number! 

And thanks again to everyone who joined!


  1. Oh, yay, I won I won I won!!! This made me happy today haha! I will message you my address soon. :) Thanks, Tin and keep blogging! <3


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