Filipino Friday #1: Introductions

What Reader Species Are You?
Reader Species Infographics by Lauren Kelly
I found that I fit in several of the categories and may as well be what the infographic refers to as a Cross-Bred Reader Mutt. 

Class: Book Lovers, 

  1. Complusive
    • The Hoarder - I do have the tendency to acquire books faster than I can read them. I can't fit them on my bookshelves so I have them shoved inside a drawer beside my bed, like some secret stash of cookies (which I also have). Plus, my Kindle holds quite a number of e-books. And yet I still acquire more. Hee.
  2.  Situational
    • The Kindle Convert - I used to be the type who would never consider getting an e-reader. I thought that digital reading will never equate to the experience of reading a physical copy of a book. But my sister persuaded me to get one, so I got one, which I named River, and since then I thought to myself, where have you been all my life?
    • The Sleepy Bedtime Reader - I definitely do most of my reading before bed. And yes, I have busted a book light or two because I fell asleep and left them turned on until morning. I also have rolled on, crushed, squished and dented a book because I am a bedtime reader. I try to be more careful with my Kindle though because I will go loony if I busted it.
  3. Social
    • Sharer-Screamer - I set this blog up mainly to share and scream. Fangirling is a pastime of mine and so is shoving bookish nerdery into other people's throats.
  4. Free Range
    • The All-The-Timer - I definitely read all the time. If I'm done with one, I follow it up with another. And on and on it goes. I feel naked when I am not reading something. 
    • Cross-Under - I do love to read YA. It's the genre that I consumed voraciously during the past two years or so. And also a smattering of Kid/Middlegrade Lit. And yes, even though, I am already in my, um mid-twenties. :) I find myself taking a bit of a break nowadays from YA though, but it is a genre that I will always get back to from time to time. 
    • It's Complicated Reader - Since I am a combination of many categories, I can definitely say well, "it's complicated." 
Before I end this post, let me just say that I am glad that Filipino ReaderCon brought back Filipino Fridays, because there is nothing I love more than talking about books and myself (see how long this post is?) and then finding other people who love talking about books and themselves. :D  

So, do join this meme by heading on to Filipino ReaderCon: Filipino Fridays


  1. So happy this meme is back! --I put hoarder & it's complicated on my list too. I can also fit under Kindle convert & cross-over.

    1. Hi Jinky! It's impossible to be in one category only no? There was a time when I felt guilty about having hoarded more books than my body weight. But then I said, who cares? And then I hoarded some more...and continue to do so. Haha. :)

    2. LOL! I'm the same way!! True bookworms! :)

  2. This Classification of Book Lovers is fun. I tried to check where I fit into and I'm under Book Cherisher, specifically between The OCD Reader, The Book Preserver, and The Book Worshiper. LOL.

    1. Hi Rhin! Oh, I used to be an OCD Reader and a Book Preserver. But my sister borrows from me and I cannot refuse her. She's the type who disregards all my rules about spine creases and whatnot. I use to get made at her for it but she would just shrug. Until it got to the point where I just did not have the energy to lecture her for the nth time and to be OC about the condition of my books. I still am though, OC about my books, just to a lesser degree. Hihi. :D


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