Required Reading: August 2013

July was a great month. I had Television Themed Reads and was able to finish them all, and more. Plus, I was also able to watch two of the tv shows that I had pending. Doctor Who Season 5, the first 10 episodes out of 13, and Sherlock Seasons 1-2. 

Okay, so reading-wise, here's what I have accomplished last month:

1. A Game of Thrones by G.R.R Martin - (5/5) This is my new found fandom. I will be plowing through the entire series soon enough. 

2. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Puffin E-Shorts - Lovely shorts that are all wonderfully wibbly wobbly timey wimey good fun.  

  • The Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve (#4) - (4/5)
  • Tip of the Tongue by Patrick Ness (#5) - (3.8/5)
  • Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead (#6) - (3.8/5)

3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - (4/5)  I did not realize that I would enjoy this as much as I did. The collection of stories are clever, unusual, and baffling. I enjoyed Sherlock's deductive reasoning in solving these cases. 

4. All's Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria - (4/5) I had a blast reading this novella. It was light, short and sweet. It encouraged me to try some contemporary romance again. (Want a free ebook copy? Visit my GIVEAWAY post!)

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Since August is considered as Language Month in the Philippines, or as it is called in our common tongue, Buwan ng Wika, I decided that it's the perfect time to read the local literature on my TBR. 
1. In My Mother's House by Joni Cham - I got this as a prize in a giveaway hosted by Chris of Ficsation. I got even more excited when I read her review.

2.  Love you Frenemies by Mina Esguerra - Love your Frenemies, if I am not mistaken, has a mean girl protagonist, which is a rare thing for me to come across in books, and may prove to be really entertaining. 

3. The Kobayashi Maru of Love by Carljoe Javier - This sounds like a fun, and humurous take on a somewhat overused and expected topic, luurrrve. 

Carry-over from last month: A Clash of Kings by G.R.R Martin - I am having fun with this one especially since I am reading it together with a few buddies. I think I have around 20 chapters more to go.

Okay so that's about it! Have a great August everyone!


  1. The ACOK buddy reading is indeed fun, but GRRM is not making it any easier for us, LOL. We should really celebrate after having read those 70 chapters. :)

    1. Lol! I agree, it really does call for a celebration! But it's great fun. GRRM creates wonderfully rounded characters. :D

  2. Love Your Frenemies is my favorite Mina work, by far. Hope you enjoy it! And yay for the ASoIF series! I'm sure you'll love the entire series up to the last page. :)

    1. Frenemies would be my second Mina book. Fairytale Fail was my first, and I enjoyed it. I don't know why I only started on the ASoIF series just now, should have read it ages ago. :)

  3. I'm terribly lagging behind ACoK. I don't know why I don't have much motivation to read it. Maybe I'm just not in that mood?

    I hope you enjoy Frenemies! That's one really good Mina book (but my favorite is still Fairy Tale Fail :D).

    1. No worries Tina. You wait for that 'mood'. There have been times when I don't feel like getting into a specific genre too. Mine's usually the contemporaries. Fantasy is more my go-to genre. But I do enjoy the later from time to time which is why I have Frenemies on my reading list, which I am excited for especially now that it is both Tina and Monique approved. :D


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