Required Reading: June 2013

It was a merry month of May, despite a couple of changes I had to deal with regarding our business, which occupied my thoughts quite a bit, and the reason why I wasn't able to churn out review posts as much as I would have wanted to. Boo. But now, let's welcome the month of June! *blows trumpet* The month which also happens to be my blog's anniversary month! *vigorous hand clapping ensues* Anyway, moving on...

I thought I'd try another one of those "barely touched" genres of mine. I feel like it's time to be more adventurous, genre-wise. (Well, except maybe if it's Non-Fiction or Horror or The Classics. I might need a little more bravery juice, for those.) Therefore, I declare this month, The Thriller Month of June!!! (with 3 exclamation points for added thrill!!!)  

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - I have to thank Lynai for both introducing and sending me the e-book copy! ( Thank you Lynai! *cartwheels*) I learned about this book through her review on It's A Wonderful Book World. I was happy to learn that it's considered as a psychological thriller and I have always been curious about those. Besides, psychoanalyzing is one of our favorite pastimes, my friend Hannah and I. Hee. (I have actually started on it already and I am really surprised at how much I am taken in by the way it's written and I am loving it.)   

2. Lightning by Dean Koontz - The name Koontz came up when I asked for Adult Fiction recommendations from the TFG Group. I decided to start with Lightning (over Odd Thomas and Watchers) because the premise appealed to me more. It mentions a blonde haired stranger brought by a bolt of lightning, come to save a girl named Laura from tragedy. Thor, ikaw ba yan? Haha. 

3. Reality Check by Peter Abrahams - I decided to add a YA book into the mix and this one seems like a good teen mystery. In fact, it won the Edgar Award, YA Category, last 2010. It's a "Missing Person Story" with a high school quarterback on the trail to solve the disappearance of his girlfriend. 

Now, I am ready for some nail-biting, breath holding, and hang-onto-the-edge-of-your-seat experience. I am prepared to be baffled and bamboozled and be mystified. I am anticipating (and hoping) for this June to better for me, and well, to be what else, but thrilling! 


  1. I think Mommy Louize and Tricia are having a buddy read of Gone Girl this June 10th? If you're up for a buddy read, perhaps you can join. :)

    1. Hi Atty. Monique! Yep, I am actually joining in, but as eavesdropper because I am about 40% done. I'm trying my best to hold off further reading it until June 10th. But I don't think that's working out for me. Hihi. :)

    2. I'd say strike while the iron is hot. There's no point in holding off, you are still welcome to join the discussion of course. Buddy readers always need those extra push from eavesdroppers. :)

    3. Hi Ms. Louize! You're absolutely right. I'm just OC and sort of want to actually read the book 'together', at the same pace with you guys. But Meh. As you say, strike while the iron is hot! I do hope you'll enjoy the book. I am loving it so far. :)

  2. Hi Tin!

    Can I just join you on your cartwheel? You have two of my most favorite books on your list!!! Did I ever mention that I'm a Dean Koontz fan and Lightning is my top fave? I know, it isn't at par with all the recent sci-fi/thrillers, but I still love it nonetheless because it introduced me to Dean Koontz. :) And of course, Gone Girl. I'm glad that you're loving it! :)

    As to classics, I can surely relate with you on that. Though I am making small steps at a time -- I am currently reading Little Women. :D

    Congratulations on trying a new genre! And oh, happy bloggy anniversary!

    1. Hey Lynai! You did! I think it was from you and Maria that I got the Koontz recommendation from. And again, I have never tried this subgenre, sci-fi thriller, so I am looking forward to it. And Gone Girl is awesome. I just got off the part where a huge revelation regarding Amy's disappearance was dropped! And Nick and Go were figuring out the puppets and the other clues...:)

      Oh the classics. Gah. I tried Wuthering Heights last Feb but dropped it. I just have to be in a certain frame of mind I guess, or a certain mood. When will that happen, I wonder? Hee. Oh, yay for Little Women. I did like it's movie adaptation.

      Thanks for the greetings Lynai! And altogether now...*cartwheels* :D


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