Required Reading: April 2013

First off, is my report for how I did with my Superhero Themed April Required Reads. I had three titles lined-up, plus four graphic novels. I am glad to say that I was able to finish all of them and I had a super fantastic time reading all about these cape crusaders. 

MRRC Report
1. Hero by Perry Moore - 4 Stars
2. In Hero Years...I'm Dead by Michael Stackpole - 5 Stars 
3. Rise of Renegade X - 3.5 Stars

4. Year One by Frank Miller - 4 Stars  
5. The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb - 3 Stars
6. The Killing Joke by Alan Moore - 5 Stars 
7. Earth One by Geoff Johns - 3 Stars

Okay, now onto my April Required Reads...
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Last year, I did a post for the Top Ten Tuesday Meme Topic: Top Ten Series I haven't Finished Yet. So I thought it would be a great idea to pick up from where I left them off. So this month would be The Sequels Month of April. Here are the titles I have lined-up:

1. Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2 by Cassandra Clare) - I started off good with The Mortal Instruments, but by book 4, I found myself losing interest. I too, had a good start with Clockwork Angel (book #1), I loved the eerie, haunting, old, Victorian London from which the story is set but it does closely resemble TMI, character wise. I am hoping the sequel doesn't go the TMI route and get overly dramatic though. (Special shout out to my lovely friend, R, who sent me her copy, right at my doorstep!)

2. The King of Attolia (The Thief #3 by Megan Whalen Turner)- I loved The Queen of Attolia! It was such a freaking fantastic sequel! I am excited to find out how Gen would take to being royalty and even more so, a politician.

3. The Son of the Shadows (Sevenwaters #2 by Juliet Marillier) - I loved Daughter of the Forest, the first Sevenwaters book and while the old characters won't be continuing the story, instead, their daughter would be taking the lead, I'm still just as excited for it.  

4. Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking #3 by Patrick Ness) - I am quite hesitant to pick this one up. While I would love to know what happens next, after TA&TA, I fear, reading this would mean the end of Chaos Walking! This is the last book! There won't be any other books after it. Ever! Sob. Must. Be. Strong.

So that's about it. I hope you all have a great April! :D


  1. MONSTERS OF MEN!!! Yaay! Do prepare yourself for the explosive ending, pun intended. ;)

    1. Oh, more explosions still? We've had a lot about those in book 2. I'm excited about it now. But dreading it at the same time because I'm gonna miss Todd, and Viola, and Angharrad. Hihi.:)


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