2014 Filipino Fridays #2: Have You Ever Wanted To Write A Book

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Topic 2: 
"As a reader, have you ever thought about writing a book? What kind of books/stories do you want to write? Or are you now a published author, and what compelled you to go fulfil this dream? How was your journey from reader to writer? How did you go about getting your book out there?"

As a reader, have you ever thought about writing a book?

I like to entertain the idea of me writing a book. Like, when I stumble upon a brilliant piece of literature, with striking metaphors, clever remarks and arresting sentences. I say: “Wow, I wish I could have written that!” But my book writing capabilities, remain questionable. I cannot seem to keep a journal for more than three days. My writings are limited to book blog posts and Letterboxd posts. But I take much pleasure in coming up with them. But I don’t know, being an author seems to be completely out of my reach, much like being a concert pianist, an impressionist painter, a Broadway actress...On one hand, who knows what the future hold? (not referring to the last three professions mentioned. Those are hopeless cases. Ha.) And you know what they say, that the starting point of becoming a good writer is a good reader. I got that one covered.  

What kind of books/stories do you want to write?

Essays seem more plausible, to me. But in my dream world and perhaps in a parallel universe, I write not only essays, but short stories too! And perhaps one of two fantasy series. And Cloud Atlas. I wrote that one in my dream world. XD 

Until next Friday!


  1. Let's write that fantasy series together. LOL

    1. Lol! Oo ba. Teka iisip ako ng pseudonym. O kaya yung tipong initials lang. Mala GRRM, JRR, JK..at talagang inuna pang pag isipan yung pen name. Bago yung story ngt. XD Hahaha.

  2. Yes! The ancient dictum read-read-read is quintessential for any aspiring writer. :)

    1. Yeah. In reading, you get to pick up some excellent tricks when it comes to writing style and language and more. Read and Absorb and Practice. :)


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