Living on Borrowed Comic Books

Comic Books are never easy on the pocket, at least most of them aren't. I have long since wanted to try lots of them, but buying one, at a price that can get you two books? I know, I know, it's spotty logic because these comics are practically works of art, with their lovely illustrations and all. But well, I just cannot resist the argument of having two books instead. So, I resort to book mooching. 
Vintage X-Men. Yipeee!
Actually, I wasn't particularly responsible for this book mooch. My sister was, via our lovely neighbor who got it from her boyfriend (I assume threat and coercion might have been involved). Okay, so BF doesn't really know that his precious comics have been passed on, to yet another set of grubby hands, mine's. I have seen BF around, but I really don't know him, know him.
In preparation for the Batman vs Superman movie.
And judging from the look of these comic books, which are in mint condition, BF is probably a massive fan boy, therefore, he is likely to own a katana, or a light saber, or both. And if he, in so much as find specks of my dead skin cells on his preciousess, I might just find him on my doorstep about to hack me to pieces. So, I have to exercise great care in reading them, the stress might take the fun out a bit, but no matter. Because comic books! Free!

My apologies for the ugly-ass photos taken in haste.


  1. Does the BF know your online identity? He might find this post and do a berserker barrage!

    1. Oh, he doesn't know. That's why I am pretty confident blabbering about it here. Nyahaha!


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