Top Ten Books I'd Want to See Made into a Movie

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I am always excited for the movie adaptations of books. While they sometimes tend to be frustrating, and infuriating whenever they leave something out or make out of this world changes. Nevertheless, they are usually a lot of fun to watch. 

So for today's Rewind Topic I picked: Top Ten Books I'd Want to See Made into a MoviePlus, I thought it would be fun if I also included some Dream Casting of my own.

1. The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness - I love this series and I am curious as to how they would portray the "Noise" in the movie, and the Spackle, and Manchee!
  • Todd: Dane Dehaan (Chronicle) - I think he can pull off the young, fearful Todd as well as the assertive, strong Todd. Plus he always seem to have that worn out look, perfect for someone who has been on the run and has been into battles.  
  • Viola: Saoirse Ronan (The Host) - She can be both tough and sweet as she was in the movie Hanna.
2. Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud - Magic + London. I think a movie adaptation of this one could very well fill the magic deprived gaping hole in our hearts when the Potter movies ended.
  • Nathaniel (of book 3): Luke Treadaway (Cheerful Weather for a Wedding) - I think he'll do the arrogant and power hungry Nathaniel pretty well. 
  • Kitty (of book 3): Felicity Jones (Cheerful Weather for a Wedding) - I think she can do the "hard as nails" Kitty. Plus, she already shares the same last name as Kitty anyway. Not that it matters. 
  • Bartimaues: David Tennant (Doctor Who) - I think Tennant's voice would perfectly fit Bartimaues' witty and snarky one. 
3. Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Cohn and Levithan - One of my favorite contemporary reads and if Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist could be made into a movie, why not this one?
  • Lily: Elle Fanning (Ginger and Rosa) - The Lily in my head, as I was reading the book, sort of resembles her. I think she'll do Lily justice. 
  • Dash: Max Theriot (House at the end of the Street) - I am not entirely convinced of this one but I just couldn't think of anyone who can do "snarly". I do think my pick could be improved. Any ideas?
4. The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman - The Golden Compass was just a so-so movie in my opinion. So it has long been my hope that people in Hollywood would just give the second book one more shot. It's my favorite in the trilogy.
  • Will - Skandar Keynes (Narnia Movies) - I miss Edmund! Although I think he may already be too old to play will but that aside, I think he'd perfectly capture Will's persona.
  • Lyra - Can't think of anyone. 
5. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - While I preferred Lola and the Boy Next Door to this one, I think in terms of translating it on the big screen, this would be more successful. I bet it would make for a pretty good and fun teen movie.
  • Anna: Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) - They are both Annas! I think she can do the unassuming, out-of-place, American girl; nicely. While being hilarious in the process.
  • Etienne - Can't think of anyone.
6. Graceling by Kristin Cashore - I am thinking, this could be some sort of medieval fantasy version of  X-Men. It's like LOTR + X-Men, or something. Okay I am not making sense.   
  • Katsa: Can't think of anyone. Maybe Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)?  Or not.
  • Po: Can't think of anyone.
7. The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea M. Campbell - This could be Sky High number 2. I need me some fun superhero movie.
  • Damien: Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson Movies) - Damien is pretty much Percy, only in spandex. So Lerman has this one down pat.
  • Kat: Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew) - Cute and coquettish, which I think is Kat from the get go.
  • Sarah: Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises) - She can be weird and quirky and fabulous all at once just like Sarah. 
8. The Thief of Eddis Series by Megan Whalen Turner - There aren't enough people reading this awesome fantasy series and I think a movie adaptation could change that.
  • Gen: Can't think of anyone.
  • Attolia: Eva Green (Dark Shadows) - She has that evil, and menacing and authoritative air that can only be The Queen of Attolia 
  • Eddis: Cate Blanchette (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) - Just because I love her and I bet she can transform into anyone.
9. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke - Another one to fill my love for Magic and London. There's duelling magicians, fairies, politics, and wars.
  • Jonathan Strange: Damien Lewis (Homeland) - He does a great job being Sgt. Brody in Homeland, filled with confidence and zeal which I think can translate to being Jonathan Strange. 
  • Gilbert Norell: Bill Nighy (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) - He has that I-know-everything-you-simpleton-look. and that I-am-better-than-you-look! 
10. Archie - They made Sabrina the Teenage Witch and then Josie and the Pussycats, so why not Archie and the Gang? Although they did make a tv movie back in the 1990s but not one on the big screen.
  • Archie: Um, Zac Efron? He'd be funny as a redhead though. 
  • Betty: Um, Emma Stone?
  • Veronica: Um, Leighton Meester?
  • Reggie: No idea.
  • Jughead: No idea.
Okay, so that's it. That was fun! I'd love to know which books you would want to see on the big screen and as to who would you cast as the characters in the movie. 

Plus, if you have any ideas regarding my little dream casting above, I would love to hear them as well. :)


  1. I'm with you on the Chaos Walking movie! Oooh, Manchee! <3 And yay to Archie, haha! Gotta make my own TTT post too. :)

    1. Let's make a petition to Hollywood, Lynai! If only for Manchee! Haha! :D

  2. I think Graceling would make the most GORGEOUS movie ever! The world building in the book was so perfect, and the action would be amazing! Great list!

    Check out my Top Ten!

    1. I agree. It would make a great blockbuster movie. Although Fire would be more visually enticing, with all the multi-colored monsters. :)

      Thanks for dropping by Karis! I'll be sure to visit your post.

  3. Dash & Lily's and Anna would both make great movies! Dash & Lily's reminds me somuch of the movie Serendipity, not sure why.. :)
    Top Ten Tuesday @ Divergent Gryffindor

    1. They'd make for great Rom-Coms right?

      Serendipity is a fun movie. Love Kate Beckinsale. And maybe because both Serendipity and Dash and Lily's somewhat plays on the idea of meeting by fate? :)

      I will be heading off to check out your list now. :)

  4. Nice List Ms Tin. I heard a lot abot this Graceling, I think its time for me to read this one.

    Keep on posting...

    1. Hi Heldervert! Graceling's a pretty fun fantasy YA read and I think it's movie adaptation material. Thanks for dropping by!


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