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Kwentillion Magazine is the Philippines' first publication dedicated to young adult literature and media, featuring YA-themed comics and fiction by Filipino creators. The bi-monthly, black and white magazine (with an eight-page colored spread in every issue) features reviews and previews of young adult books, interviews with creators, and articles which tackle a wide variety of topics of interest to the YA community

I was very excited when I heard about Kwentillion, a magazine dedicated to YA literature, a genre that I absolutely love. And the fact that YA is given the local treatment here, is another plus. Local YA? That is something that I have been looking for for years. Finally, it's here!

First, the technicalities. I love the paper quality. It's thick and the off-white color brings out the best in the black and white illustrations. The colored center fold is an absolute treat as well. Chester Ocampo's cover art is utterly breathtaking. It's ethreal and fierce all at the same time. On the other hand, The Secret Origin of Spin-Man, is laid out in a way that might make it a bit tedious to read. There might be a possibility for young readers to just skip over it, which is a shame because it's a lovely lovely story and is one of my favorites. 

After reading the magazine, I am not sure if I found it to be truly YA. I felt that it was more of a magazine on local fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk graphic novel writers and artists. The Last Datu though, I think is YA. The protagonist is a young girl, it tackled issues faced by teens like grief, anger, fear of a huge responsibility at such a young age (filling in the shoes of her datu father) I am not sure about Maximo Poso, The Secret Origin of Spin-Man, High Society, and Skygypsies though, as to whether, the stories might resonate with teen readers.

But aside from that, I think the magazine is FANTASTIC! My absolute favorites were Maximo Poso, (At first, this silent comics seems to be telling a simple story, but I was surprised how it made me laugh in the end.) The Secret Origin of Spin-Man (Andrew Drillon has a way with words, he pulls at your heartstrings.) and High Society (This is the first time that I've read such a unique story, it's local steam punk. I think the characters are crafted nicely and I want to know what happens to Rita.)

I think the magazine has a huge potential of bringing to light local literature, their writers and artists. I mean just reading the stories and looking at the artwork here in Kwentillion, I am really amazed at how wonderfully talented Filipinos are. I am also so happy that, through these local writers, Philippine History and Mythology was made more known and more exciting.

There's a How-To-Draw A Tikbalang feature in the end and I took a stab at it. Not really Kajo Baldisimo material but hey, I tried. :) I gave it an armor, a cape, and a name.
Kapitan M.D. (Masamang Damo) -leader of the Stallion Legion, a group of warrior tikbalangs sworn to defend and protect the Enkantada.

It would be lovely to see some local Contemporary YA because some young adult readers are more into that genre. I would also love something Historical and something more High/Urban Fantasy than Paranormal. And maybe a feature on local reading communities and sites. :D

Thanks to Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook for my copy of Kwentillion!


  1. Yay, glad you enjoyed reading Kwentillion! :)

    1. Oh I very much enjoyed it! I sure hope there will be a second issue. :)

  2. Wow, you drew well ^_^ It's hard to draw animals actually, but I always like to look at step by step How to Draw somethings, especially when it's Anime we're talking about. hahaha!

    1. Hi Rhin! Copying from a how-to makes it easier no? If I will draw by myself without any reference, the turn out would be much worse.:) Did you notice that I only drew the upper half? It's because the lower half ended up really bad. It ruined the regality of Kapitan MD. In the end, me eraser was half the size than the one I began with. Teehee. :)

      Drawing Anime is hard! Especially the eyes! :)


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