In My Mailbox: Birthday Edition

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Story Siren. It features book you have received or bought during the week

I got books as birthday gifts from my adorable 15 year of cousin. It's really sweet of her. I was surprised that she got me not one but two! But then she has the evil ulterior motive of borrowing them from me after I'm done reading them. Hee. But I don't mind. I love her still. :) So, I finally get to read some Contemporary YA and even things out a bit with Fantasy YA. 

Justin Bieber's name is on the tag because my cousin is absolutely obsessed with him and  never misses an opportunity to make any sort of reference to his name. But I was too happy flipping through the books that I didn't really mind. :)
Gifts from a lovely friend and my other cousins. My cousins were kind enough to write a disclaimer: "P.S. This is not a book." on the tag so as not to get my hopes up. Teehee. :) 
How about you? What's in your mailbox?


  1. Maligayang Kaarawan! Hope you had a lovely birthday. :) It's nice to get bookish presents on your special day, right? That only happens when I make a wishlist for my friends to follow. Otherwise, they end up giving me Fully Booked gift certificates (which I use right away).

    1. I agree, it's lovely getting bookish presents! I remember getting a couple of NBS gift certificates and a copy of The Hunger Games, three birthdays ago. I love that particular birthday, which I clearly remember more than the others because of the bookish gifts. Teehee. :) And I use the GCs right away too. :)


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