A Trip Down Memory Lane Part III: Sweet Valley Twins and Archie Comics

I found a couple of Sweet Valley Twins books buried in the back of our bookshelves and they bring back memories of my lost youth. :) I wasn't really as much of a fan as my sisters were but I did read them since they were always around in our house. I am sure a lot of book worms grew up with Sweet Valley and remember the descriptions of the Jessica's and Elizabeth's eyes and hair and how much they were similar and yet different. I bet you all read Sweet Valley Kids and High as well, and probably watched the television show too. 
An armload of pastels: Sweet Valley Twins 

Archie Comics are also a huge part of my childhood as well. Betty and Veronica Double Digests are my favorite. I remember sneak-reading one under my desk in class. Little did I know that the teacher was already standing right in front of me, with her hands on her hips. But I was saved from further embarrassment when the bell rang for recess. :)  

A boxful of Archie Comics
 How about you? I'd love to know what books make you feel nostalgic? :D

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  1. Wow, this post surely brings back my childhood memories! We had a few The Sweet Valley Kids series displayed in our shelves, but I only read a couple of it. What I used to collect was the Nancy Drew Notebooks. Sadly, though, I think the series is out of print already.

    And Archie Comics!!! That definitely is at the top of my childhood reads before. hahaha! I used to read just that. This comics definitely provides a great avenue to hone one's vocabulary.

    1. Hi Rhin! I think I've only read one Nancy Drew book. So, I keep hoping I could spot one in Book Sale because I totally missed out on this back then. Same with The Hardy Boys. :)

      Same here Rhin! A huge part of my childhood reads were Archie Comics. I wasn't much of a reader then as I am now. I agree with you on the honing of vocabulary skills too. I definitely think reading comics improved my English. :)

  2. I remember my cousins from the States passing on their copies of Sweet Valley and Babysitters Club books through balikbayan boxes. That's how I started my own collection. :P I'm not even sure where my Sweet Valley books are right now, I think they're with my cousin in the province. I also loved going through the Love Stories series when I was in high school.

    1. My Sweet Valley phase was very brief. But I remember wanting to have my own unicorn club too. :) I was more into Archies though. I haven't heard of the Love Stories series, but the Babysitters Club yes. Along with Goosebumps. In high school, I was very much obsessed with the Harry Potter series. :)

      I wish I could pass on the Sweet Valleys to my cousin but she probably wont want to read it because the books are old and musty. Tagiptipin na yung pages. :) And YA books abound nowadays so her choices are not as limited as ours before. Sometimes there are YA books I've read now that I wished I read back then when I was young. :D

  3. Oh Archie Comics!!! I always feel a sense of longing over my childhood when I see them. They're like one of the biggest highlights of being a kid. Gosh, I'm such a geek. LOL.

    I wasn't a fan of Sweet Valley High but I did see some of the episodes. I was more into reading Full House (Stephanie and Michelle) which is also a show back in the 90s.

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome post!

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

    1. Hi! Full house? The one with John Stamos and the Olsen Twins? That was a book? I love that show! They did a rerun of it a couple of years ago and I still watched it. :D

      Thanks Janus! :)


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