A Trip Down Memory Lane Part II: Puzzle Masters by John Speirs

PUZZLE MASTERS (blurb from the back cover)

Fantastic puzzles of all shapes and sizes lead the reader through the incredible adventures of Puzzle Masters. These ultimate puzzle challenges will delight children for hours on end.

Aside from Lady Bird Books, Puzzle Masters also reminds me so much of my childhood. I only had these two Puzzle Masters Titles: 

Ghostly Games: Can you help Susan, Matt, Tom, and Patches the dog discover the secret of Ghostly Mansion? Are you brave enough to meet spooks, spectres and the awful Igor? Can you muddle through the mazes, solve the riddles, and decipher the mystery message? 

The Quest for the Golden Mane: Three brave Puzzle Masters, and their dog, are setting out in search of adventure. Do you have the skill to join them? can you muddle through mazes, decipher mystery maps, locate hidden treasure, dodge deadly snakes and beat many other such challenges? 

Eventhough I had solved all the puzzles already (some by myself, and some by cheating and looking at the answers found at the end of the book), I still loved looking at the pictures and solving the puzzles all over again, and again, and again. :D 


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