Rabbitin turns 1!

Things have been hectic lately that I realized just now that my blog has turned 1 last June 12, 2012! So technically this is a 1 year and 4-day anniversary already.

I remember how I kept on saying to myself to create a book blog but I have always had the fear of not doing the reviews right, of nobody wanting to visit it. But I am very glad I finally got the courage to do it and I can't believe that it's been a year! Sure, my reviews are not really the critical, thorough, and extensive kind but I always have a blast doing them. But what made my 1 year of blogging awesome are the fellow book geeks I got to know and interact with, and finally finding my "own kind". Of course there are the comments which, although my blog receives them sparingly, never fail to make my day.

I don't think I can do anything special in honor of this special occassion, like host a giveaway since I don't have that many readers. So, besides putting up this post and making changes with the design and layout of my blog, updating my Favorites list, and eating me a cheese cupcake (which is about the closest thing to a cake that I can get as of this moment); I would like to give a very very big 

to all those who viewed, read, and made comments on my blog; with special mention to Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook, Chris of Ficsation, and Myra of Gathering Books. I have been reading their blogs even before I even started mine and I am very much appreciative of their frequent comments this past year!

I am gearing up for another year of book blogging and if you have any suggestions on improvement, do leave a comment!  Now I need to go and buy myself a book and a proper cake. :)


  1. Happy Blog Birthday, Tin! :) Thanks for the shout out as well. More power to your blog in the coming years.

    1. Hey Chachic! Thaaaanks! I'm hoping to read more of the books you recommend, as I seem to like the majority of them. :D


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