Rabbitin Turns 5!

Things have been awfully quite here in my blog, I know. I haven't been putting out posts as frequently as I would like. It's not necessarily that I lack time. I mean I can make time. But it's more like my brain being all over the place. My sister going away for good during the start of the year seems to have put me in a certain headspace that I haven't been to before. Well, I already haven't been blogging that much late last year, so I guess it's not that after all. Bah, what am I saying? See? Brains all over place! Anyhu, I will always do my darnest to keep this blog afloat! Because I love that I got to meet awesome books and people (TFG and Meliza, I hope to see you sometime this year!) through this blog! I love that I always feel comfort and the joy when I am writing in this blog! I will always cherish this darned blog! I love you blog! I love you blog readers! I love you literature! I love you all! BRAINS.ALL.OVER.PLACE.


  1. When I was in HS, I had a humor column in the paper called Splatterbrain. Happy Birthday, blog!


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