Want Books: Beauty by Robin Mckinley

From The Back Cover:
"Cannot a Beast be tamed?"
Beauty, believing herself plain and awkward, loves roses. But when her father goes travelling and plucks just one magnificent, crimson rosebud from the garden of a magical castle, a fearsome Beast demands revenge. Either Beauty's father must forfeit his life - or his daughter must promise to live with the Beast for ever.
A captivating retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast from a Newbery Medal-winning author.
After having read a book from Gail Carson Levine and Shannon Hale (Although I'm not sure if Princess Academy is a fairy tale retelling) I am in the mood for more retellings. And Beauty and the Beast is undoubtedly my favorite fairy tale. I remember me and sisters getting dibs on the Disney Princesses. I was happy that my two sisters picked Ariel and Aurora and I get to have Belle, especially since I panic and tend to be really slow when they establish picking times. (I lost my claim over Storm and had to settle for Rogue when we did the X-Men character picking time ) :D 
So, with that said, I haven't read a single Beauty and the Beast retelling, at least, not that I know of. And I haven't had a Robin Mckinley read as well. Another thing is that this book would be a great entry for the Award Winning Books Reading Challenge that I joined since it won The 1998 Phoenix Award Honor Book. I haven't chanced upon it yet in Book Sale and I don't think they have it in our National Bookstore branch here so until then Beauty remains in my Want Books List. 


  1. I added your Want Books post to the roundup. :) I really hope you get to read this because it's my favorite Beauty and the Beast retelling (and B&B is my favorite fairy tale too). I got my first copy of this from National years ago, I don't think they have it anymore. But it's available in Fully Booked.

    Robin McKinley wrote another B&B retelling called Rose Daughter.

    1. Hi Chachic! I did not know about Rose Daughter. It seems amazing that she can make two retellings out of one story. Her other retellings seem equally interesting, like the one based on Robin Hood, Rapunzel etc. I really hope I can get my hands on a Mckinley this year. :D

    2. This is a fantastic book and you might just get hooked on Robin Mckinley in the process. She is a fantastic writer as long as you are okay with a a poetic or lyrical feel at times. Personally I enjoyed Blue Sword the most, my first Mckinley book.

    3. Hi Terra! Oh I totally forgot about Blue Sword, it's one of Mckinley's best and it's award winning book right? I'll add it to my list since I do love reading books with strong female leads. :)


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