Feeling Sorry For Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty

Summary from Goodreads:

Life is pretty complicated for Elizabeth Clarry. Her best friend Celia keeps disappearing, her absent father suddenly reappears, and her communication with her mother consists entirely of wacky notes left on the fridge. On top of everything else, because her English teacher wants to rekindle the "Joy of the Envelope," a Complete and Utter Stranger knows more about Elizabeth than anyone else.

But Elizabeth is on the verge of some major changes. She may lose her best friend, find a wonderful new friend, kiss the sexiest guy alive, and run in a marathon.
So much can happen in the time it takes to write a letter...

Although I liked A Year of Secret Assignments better, still this is another fun Contemporary YA from Jaclyn Moriarty that speak volumes on friendship. Moriarty still captures the roller coaster life of a teenager, with the mixture of the fun stuff and the serious stuff.

Elizabeth Clarry, the main character, was likable and real enough. But I can't say the same for her best friend, Celia. I couldn't imagine someone that volatile. I know this book is called Feeling Sorry for Celia but I felt more sorry for Elizabeth, and Celia's mom, and all her other loved-ones. (you'll see once you've read this book). 

The story is exciting enough as it has the combination of family, bestfriend, and boy drama. I like the coincidences that happened in the story. I like that it is still epistolary, and that it still has that trademark Jaclyn Moriarty humor and quirkiness. And just like any other contemporay YA novel, it made me look back on my teenage years and made me feel terribly, terribly old.


  1. Yay, you got to read another Jaclyn Moriarty! I remember enjoying her books but can't recall the details anymore. I think I enjoyed The Year of Secret Assignments the most and the Murder of Bindy MacKenzie the least.

  2. @Chachic
    Hi Chachic! Me too, I liked Secret Assignments better than Celia.Is Bindy Mackenzie the same as The Ghost of Ashbury High?

    Next stop Liane Moriarty. :D

  3. I liked Finding Cassie Crazy/Secret Assignments best and this one the least. I think there were parts here that I thought dragged a bit.

  4. @dementedchris
    Yup, Secret Assignments gets my vote as well. Have you read The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie and/or Ghosts of Ashbury High?


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