ReaderCon Filipino Friday: ReaderCon Expectations

I expect that.... I will not make it to the Filipino ReaderCon.....whine, whine, whine, rant, rant rant.

Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest. I'll move on to phase 2. Pretending that I can actually make it there. So here are my expectations:

1. Keynote Speech entitled No Line in the Horizon by Carljoe Javier 
I expect this one to make me feel oh so smart after. What, with words like "prosumer", "dynamics", "perspective" written in the teaser over at the FilipinoReaderCon site. I think this will allow me to understand how the reader, writer, and blogger cross paths.

2. Panel Discussions: 

The Why and How of Book Blogging
Panelists: Tarie Sabido (Asia in the Heart, World on the Mind), Charles Tan (Bibliophile Stalker), Chachic Fernandez (Chachic’s Book Nook), Aldrin Calimlim (Fully Booked. Me), Sasha Martinez (Sasha & the Silverfish).
Facilitator: Honey de Peralta (Coffeespoons).

I expect that this will be awesome! I frequent the blogs of most of the panelists and even the facilitator. So for me, these are big names. I expect that this panel discussion will prove to be the most useful to me, as a relatively new blogger and to other newbies as well. Perhaps they'd cover things like how to improve reviews, joining memes, or creating one, and also doing giveaways, how to get your blog out there and encourage reader comments etc. I am also such a klutz in using the Blogger web service that's why I am quite fearful of sprucing up or making any other improvements on my blog because I might mess it all up. I don't understand half the gadgets even. All those rss feeds, html/java script. Yeech. Although, maybe what I need is a computer lesson for that. I think this panel discussion might also encourage other readers to put up their own book blogs and thus expanding the Filipino Book Bloggers community!

Putting up and Running a Book Club—for the fun of it!

Panelists: Gege Sugue (FFP), Doni A. Oliveros (Filipino Goodreads Group), Tata Francisco (Ex Libris)
Facilitator: Peter Sandico (Kyusi Reader)

I have voiced out before how I have always wanted to attend the meet-ups you guys would occasionally have in Manila. I have never been part of a book club nor have attended any book related event (still very much bitter. Haha). I have always entertained the thought of being in one but I don't know about actually starting or running it. I only know a handful of bookish people, the degree of "bookishness" is left for discussion. The idea of how one is to go about scouring the community for bookish people seems difficult. Such is the reason for my apprehension, but who knows? It would be cool to have a group that shares the same passion for books as I do and have regular meet ups with endless discussion on nothing but books.

Perhaps in this ReaderCon I'd get to feel what the fanboys/girls feel when they attend the ComicCon. Geeking out with fellow readers and book bloggers. :) On top of that, I think there will be book bargains galore during this event. All in all I really hope that this event will encourage more people to read because they don't know what they're missing if they have never cracked a book.

Phase 3: The shifting of the veil of pretense....sob...whine, whine, whine, rant, rant, rant.

Somebody better make a blow by blow account of the whole thing when it's done. :P


  1. I looked for you at ReaderCon! Sayang you couldn't make it :)

  2. @dementedchris
    Hey Chris! You did? Your one of the few I would have looked for as well. :) I really really wanted to be there.


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