ReaderCon Filipino Fridays: Being a Reader in the Philippines

How hard or easy is it to be a book lover in the Philippines? 
I find it quite easy to be a book lover in the Philippines. I get to read everything and anything that I want. There may be a book or two that are not in any shelves of the major bookstores but I don't mind since I have a bazillion more other books in my ultra long wish list that are sure to be on stock. The only thing that restricts me is my limited funds. So, thank the stars for Book Sale and online stores selling used and brand new books (Celina's!). Our major bookstores like National for instance has a bargain bin and they also do some big sales from time to time. Friends from the States also brings in a couple of books for me when they come home. 

What are some of your frustrations as a Filipino reader?
I only wish that we get to have good libraries. Ones that carry a huge array of books that covers a wide range of genres from adult to YA to kid lit even to picture books for early readers. That would really make books even more accessible. If we do get to have that, I'll probably want to live there and that would also seriously help with my aforementioned limited funds.

And what are the positive aspects of being a reader in the Philippines?
I am glad about the MIBF every year and I am also thrilled by the the reading and blogging community here in the Philippines. It's nice to have people that share my love for books. People that I can pester with my book rants and raves. I only wish I get to attend their really awesome get togethers.     

All in all I love being a reader in our country. All is well. :P


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention!:) I love it when the major bookstores go on sale. It's the time of the year that I look forward to the most.:)

    I used to be frustrated about books not being available here. But after taking a look at my ginormous TBR, I've realized that I don't really need to buy the latest books because I know I won't get to read them right away.

    Why don't you get to attend any of the get-togethers?

  2. @Celina
    Hi Celina! I purchased, I think 4 books from you. Awesome service :). I also don't feel compelled to get the latest books, my TBR's too huge for me to handle right now as well. And if ever there's a book on my list that isn't in any bookstores, I don't get frustrated by it, I just move on to the next one on my list...or the next one after that.

    I don't get to attend bookish gatherings mainly because of geographical constraints, secondary reason would be time availability. Your meet-ups really do look fun though. Sigh. :P

  3. I'm seeing a trend regarding limited libraries. That's my main source for books here in the States!! btw, what's MIBF?

  4. we need more libraries!!!

    hope you pop by my blog when you get a chance :)

  5. @Jinky
    Hi Jinky! MIBF is the Manila International Book Fair. I envy you guys there. Having a great public library is really a dream for me. I even have a vision of how it would be designed in my head. Haha :P

  6. @aloi
    Hi Aloi! Yes, we need libraries! With a HUGE selection of books!

    Oh, I'd love to drop by your blog.:P

  7. I think most of the Filipino Friday posts for this week mention libraries. Good public libraries, we need them! I have a lot of books in my TBR pile, I think 160 the last time I checked? But I still want more. Om nom nom, books.

    Isn't Celina's store great? :P I buy a lot of books from her too. I'm actually looking forward to the next time we meet up because I'll be getting several books from her.

    Saw your reply to Celina, by geographic constraints, do you mean you're not based in Manila?

  8. @Chachic

    160?! Mine's just probably around 20 and I'm kind of panicking already! 20 (which still has the potential to increase over time) is also the result of "Om non nom, books" Haha :P

    Oh, I got The Thief and Crown Duel among that 20! Yay!

    Celina's is really great. I love it that the books are properly wrapped to preserve the condition during shipping. I tend to get my "A-Type" persona on when it comes to books. :P Your getting more books from Celina! 160 and growing! :)

    Nope, not in Manila. I do go there once in a while but I don't stay very long though. Commuting around Manila is hard. :)


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