George Saunders and an Attempt at Reading More...Hopefully...Maybe

It's been three darned months. And I know I made promises I didn't keep in terms of blog posts. But I have never stopped reading. I may not read as much as I used to, but still do. Haven't been blogging that much though. Obviously. But I managed to come up with two posts for my movie blog, and for that I am glad. So now I shall refrain from making promises I may or may not keep, and just post whenever I am up for it.

What I'm reading:

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders - Right now, I am reading The Filipino Goodreads Book Club's book of the month which is George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo. If you haven't heard of George Saunders, you need to re-examine your life asap. George Saunders' brain is like entering a darkened, albeit familiar room. You grope your way in, recognizing familiar objects. The lamp, the leather couch. But then you your hands feel something strange, something you can't quite place. A gooey substance, a pointed end. And eventually, you find the light switch and then bam. You find the familiarity of the real world but with bits and pieces of unconventional things, that is a product of George Saunder's weird, bad-ass imagination. So it's like an unreal reality. But more than the postmodern type of style, the thing that gets me about George Saunders' books is the honesty. His stories just feel so gosh darned honest. Saunders feels like the bestmate who doesn't mince words and will always be real with you. Fine, I harbor delusions of being best friends with Georgie. I call him Georgie now. And I am just about 30 percent into Bardo, but already I know I am going to love it. Georgie is also funny as hell, just so you know.

What I want to read a.ka. Recommendations Please!

1. Short novels - So y'all probably noticed that I don't get to read as much. Obvs. So perhaps if I read shorter novels, I can up my book quantity a notch. So any recommendations? Preferably less than 100 to 200 pages. 250 tops. It can be any genre. But it would be great if it's something that's not too taxing in terms of language, like say, um, the classics. So yeah, I am going to have to hold off on The Old Man and the Sea, for now.

2. Novels in verse - Again, an attempt at getting myself to read more. Verse novels are generally more sparse in terms of word count right? YAs in verse are welcome, but if you could point me to the direction of adult ones, that'd be even cooler.


I do doubt my plan of action, but hey what's the harm in trying? Well, there's that thing called disappointent. But, oh well. Happy Sunday guys!


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