I'm Still Here! Plus, A Love Letter To My Book Club

But first things first....

To my blog readers (or what's left of em! Sob!): I know, it's been a looong while! Sob! I haven't been reading much lately. I can only manage to read one book a month, half if the book is long. Sob! It's not that I don't have time. Well, perhaps I have less time now than before. But still, I got time. But for the past months I have been burning through all six seasons of the AMC TV series called The Walking Dead, and then I managed to watch the first two episodes of the currently airing, 7th season. And it is not a very good idea to watch this show in succession on account of emotional exhaustion. After that, I finally acquired a copy of the complete fourth season of Doctor Who. It is also not a very good idea to watch this show after The Walking Dead, because this show and I, have a history. And then there's this thing called "movies." So yeah, I am double crossing books for television and film. Sob! So there's that. And I also have this habit of composing my book reviews inside my head but never putting them down on paper (or computer) until days, weeks and months have passed and the best bits of my thoughts have already been deposited inside what Pixar calls the "memory dump". Sob!

I think doing required reading posts is no longer viable for me, considering that I have taken to not actually reading whatever is "required" in my required reading list. But like I once said, I want to keep this blog alive. I love this blog, this blog has helped keep me sane among other things. And speaking of things that help keep me sane, I would like to dedicate this post to all the awesome people at my awesome book club, The Filipino Goodreads Group. They will be having their Christmas Party tomorrow sans me. Sob!

Dear TFG,

It's that time of the year again when I desparately wish I live near where you guys are. But I am happy that I managed to join a meet-up twice this year. It's a good number. And it always gladdens my heart to see you all be nerdy and things. This is probably how a "salon" worked in the the early 17th century. A salon being what they used to call a gathering of people, conversing to please, as well as to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the other. Okay, I know we have yet to pioneer a literary movement, but we'll get their. Char. Now there is this movie called The Lobster which I cannot, not talk about enough of. The premise is that single people are banished to this hotel where they must find a partner within 45 days or be turned into an animal of their choosing. And how exactly do you find a partner? Through similarities. Do you both stutter? You're a perfect match. Do you have a limp, and she does too? Get thee to the altar. This particular rule is silly, I know. But the main idea is that similarities can foster connections, and perhaps lasting unions. Now, one of the characters, played by the very cute Ben Whishaw, managed to outwit the system. What he did was to make a habit of bashing his face into things in order to simulate a nosebleed, so he can couple up with this girl who suffer from constant Epistaxis, aka nosebleeds. What I am getting at? Nothing. I just want to shove my favorite movie down your throats. :D I kid. (partly kid :D). All I am saying is, I have found people I share similarities with. And it's a plus that I don't have to bash my face into anything at all!

I know I hardly talk when I come to meet-ups, it's just that "not talking" has been a long time habit of mine. But just know that I am happy to be around you all, whenever I get the chance to. If in reality, our world operates the same way as the one in The Lobster (I told you I cannot not talk about this movie enough!), I'd probably have been turned into a goop already. Okay, a goop is not an animal, but you get my drift. I meant it when I said before that this book club makes me a whole lot less insane in the membrane. Thank you guys! I mean, for just being yourselves! This year has been a good year for our book club no? Here's an even better 2017 for all of us! 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wish I Was There!

Yours Truly,

And before I sign off, to my blog readers, I hope I can do a post about how our first ever moderator gig went last November! Along with updates on the stuff I did get to read. And then there's still the end of the year best of lists....and I did acquire a couple of books too. Anyway, A Very Merry Christmas to You All, lovely readers!  I hope you can still talk to me in the comments section whenever I do actually post. Haha. :D 


  1. We missed you, Tin!!! Join us next year again pleeeaaase. :D

  2. I still check on your blog once in a while. Like you i don't post often. cheers!


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