July 2016: Required Reading

June 2016 - Required Reading Report:

1. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Luiz Zafron (4/5 Stars) - The Shadow of the Wind feels like a really big lunch. It's like say, a particularly chunky, thick stew. A hearty, warm bowl of goodness that left me with the satisfied smile of a well- fed grizzly bear ready for hibernation. Okay bears don't smile, but you get my drift. While this book has indeed the trappings of a 'telenovela', that is, expect some high drama and a great deal of preposterousness. But who cares? Carlos Luiz Zafron spins a really engaging yarn, it's impossible for me not be beguiled by the mystery of Julian Carax and the other slew of colorful characters. Carlos Luiz Zafron, I like your flourishes!

On Hold:
1. Time's Arrow by Martin Amis - I wasn't able to finish The Shadow of the Wind before the month ended, so Mr. Amis would just have to wait. 

July 2016 - Required Reading Report:

1. A Book turned into a Movie! - Nope this ain't no title of a book. You see, I am set to moderate a book club discussion with a friend and fellow member, Meliza sometime this November with the theme: Book to Movie Adaptation. And right now, I am feeling excited with just a smidge of the jitters. I imagine the scales will tip as the time draws nearer and nearer. But enough about my feelings! Ugh! So yeah, I will be devoting this month to (hopefully) two books turned into movies. And I'd like to keep the titles a secret for now! Unless you can guess the blurry book covers above. Because who doesn't love a surprise? No one!  


  1. Fight Club and ... gaahhh! Too blurry.

    1. There are rules that say I can't talk about it! XD

  2. A very wild guess... Me Before You and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! bwahahaha

    1. Hindeee! Twilight New Moon and Eclipse yan! Hahahahaha

    2. Huh? Kapag 'yun ang choices, mag-isa kayo ni Meliza magbasa n'yan! :)))


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