December 2014: Required Reading

November Required Reading Report:

1. Dwellers by Eliza Victoria - (3.5/5) Excellent writing. The tone, in particular is wonderful.. It feels creepy and suspenseful. And judging from it's awesome beginning, I thought I'd be more invested in the main characters and the plot. But I wasn't. At least, not all the way.

2. Geeks vs. Jocks by Jessica Zafra - (5/5) I miss Zafra's essays. As always, it is still as sharp and witty and funny as ever.

3. Twelfth Night, or; What You Will by William Shakespeare - (4/5) Cross-dressing, tomfoolery, pranks, love sickness, faux deaths, singing, dancing, drinking, madness, yellow stockings. Think what you will. 

4. JL8 by Yale Stewart (5/5) - A webcomic about the adventures of DC superheroes as elementary school kids. It's quite charming and funny, seeing Justice League characters as kids having to deal with playground bullies, and crushes, and birthday parties, and camping, and evil gym teachers. Sadly this was left unfinished by the author. Check it out HERE.

5. The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske (5/5) - This one is about a young boy who discovers a door to another world in the attic of his grandmother's farmhouse. It has all the elements of a monomythic tale. And the illustrations are so so beautiful! It's like I'm wearing 3D glasses! It has a very unique format too, where the comics occupy the whole screen, and it's vertical scrolling. Check it out HERE.

December Required Reading:

It's the Holidays! My gosh. Didn't we just celebrate Christmas 2013? Anyway, I am kind of feeling the onset of a reading slump. I couldn't bring myself to pick up the books I initially thought I would read for Christmas. Psssh. What's this? The Holiday Blues? Pssssh.

Sooo, for December, it's just going to be titles that aren't text-heavy. 

1. The Empire Striketh Back by Ian Doescher - I do not have the willpower to resist something like this. I read the first installment, naturally I have to follow through with the rest. Besides December is TFGs Shakespeare month, and because I have a feeling J.J. Abrams will be dropping bits of news and trailers about The Force Awakens to torture us until it's supposed December 2015 release date. So I might as well revisit Empire Strikes Back, but in iambic pentameter.

2. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson - This is another webcomic (webcomics are great!) about a shapeshifting young girl named Nimona, who signed on to be the sidekick of Lord Ballister Balckheart, the town baddie. I already started a few chapters and it is funny and interesting. 

Carry Over (Probably for next year. This depending on mine volatile moods!)

3. The Stories So Far by Jessica Zafra - I only got to read the first few pages because I opted to read Twelfth Night instead, so I can read along with the rest of my book club for Shakespeare month. 

Lastly, there is a storm heading for us and I have been feeling nervous about it since the day they announced it's coming. I am praying that it won't be terribly destructive. :(

Have a good, safe December everyone.


  1. Ah, volatile moods. 'Tis the season to be excused for them. Happy Holidays! :)

    1. You too, Angus! I mean may you have a Merry Christmas! Free of volatile moods! :)

  2. Blessed Season to you and your love ones, Tin!
    Reading slump is okay. We are entitled to that, every once in a while. :)

    1. Happy Holidays Louize! And thank you! I do hope I'll recover quickly from this reading slump. For now, it's mostly been movies and web comics for me. :D


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