2014 Filipino Fridays #4: Let's Talk About Diverse Books

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Do you think we have enough diversity in the books that we read? Are our choices enough to satisfy our different tastes? Are our writers able to present the variety of people, culture, lifestyle, interests and so on? How diverse are your reading interests, and are you able to find enough books to satisfy your reading needs? Do you think we need more diverse books?
International literature is pretty diverse. When it comes to genre classification, literature is expanding constantly, like now there's New Adult, New Weird and Cli-Fi (a subgenre of sci-fi that focuses on climate change). But I once heard in the international publishing scene, that many are lamenting the lack of characters of color in YA and Children's Literature. There is just no cultural diversity in the stories the kids consume, nowadays, they say. Which I think is kind of true. But then again like if the writers are white, they will most likely put in white characters in their novels. So what is lacking are writers of color, then? Or maybe their works just aren't marketed as much as the white writers are? Oh, I don't know. I don't think I have enough expertise or knowledge to weigh in on this matter. 

When it comes to local literature, I think diversity is lacking. I don't think we have local epic fantasy reads. Or science fiction novels. Or historical fiction. Or YA and middle grade. On one hand, I think we have excellent romance novellas, speculative fiction books and graphic novels. And I've read some great essays from two local authors. But then again, I don't have enough expertise or knowledge to weigh on this. I might just not be looking hard enough. Feel free to make kontra. :D

As to my reading interests, I think it's pretty diverse, but only when it comes to fiction. I read YA, kid lit, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, literary fiction, historical fiction, etc. When it comes to non-fiction however, I am limited to essays. In summation, divergent reader pa rin siguro. Haha.

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  1. What the hell, cli-fi? I thought it was some naughty kind of fiction! Anyway, now that I think of it, I haven't heard of any YA novels with non-white people as the main character. I think there are gay YA novels now. Hurrah for diverse sexuality, but what of race? And class?

    1. Hahahaha! Now that you mentioned it, it does sound something that would fall under the erotica genre, instead. Oh, that's right. There are more gay YA novels now. As to race though, the selection seems scarce. Although there is an award giving body, The Coretta Scott King Book Awards, that recognizes outstanding African American YA and children's lit. But I guess, that's not enough.


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