In My Mailbox: Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Story Siren. It features books you have received or bought during the week.
I now have the entire Bartimaeus Trilogy! All are used copies and the first book is of a different edition than the other two, so they are not really matchy-matchy. But when you're broke, you learn to overlook such things and not be too OC about it. Besides they are all hard bound! I no longer have to worry about spine creases and minute font sizes. 

From what I've heard, this trilogy is something that is right up my alley so I'm pretty excited to get started. :D How about you? What's in you're mailbox?


  1. Hope you enjoy reading this trilogy! Haven't reread it in a while but I remember falling in love with the hilarious Bartimaeus.

    1. Hi Chachic! I'm working my way through book 2 now. You are absolutely right about Bartimaeus, he's pretty amusing. I love his running commentaries. :D

      I think this trilogy will make it to my list of favorites. :)


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