Bookish Memorabilia

Aside from having dreams of owning a library that magically refills itself with the latest books, I also fantasize about having a collection of bookish toys and memorabilia. Figurines, posters, plushies, and replicas of implements and costumes of literary characters. 

Here are some of what I've been wanting:

Funko Lord of the Rings Gandalf Plushies

Funko Lord of the Rings Legolas Plushie

Look at how cute Gandalf is! I can't believe I'd use "cute" and "Gandalf" in the same sentence. LOTR fans don't hate me.

Neca Coraline Doll, 10"

Here's an equally cute Legolas.

The Coraline Doll with B-b-bubuttons used by the evil "The Other Mother" as the means to spy on her in the real world.

The Hunger Games Necklace Pendant

I would prefer it to be a pin, like the one in the book The Hunger Games but a necklace is all I could find. Still, it's the same Mockingjay emblem though. 

Matilda Figurine
Willy Wonka Figurine

Matilda looking very much at home with her books would look even more at home on top of my shelves.

                     The Confectionery Genius: 
                                Willy Wonka!

Marauder's Map Replica


A blueprint of Hogwarts! This would definitely bring out the Potterhead in me!

HP Broomstick Bookmark Collection

This is the miniature of the three kinds of broomsticks in Harry Potter: Nimbus 2000, Nimbus 2001, and Firebolt and you can use it as a bookmark. Adorable.                        

Now if you have gone broke from buying all these collectibles, you can always put them in one place, call it a museum, and charge people for entrance. :) 

I'd love to know what bookish merchandise you wish to have/or already have.                                            


  1. Oh wow, i love these figurines and book memorabilia. I would also not mind having the Hunger Games pendant - it looks totally chill. And yup, the Marauders' Map! Nifty! Haha.

  2. @Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks
    Haha! I had to restrain myself from adding a lot more from this selection! Hunger Games and Harry Potter are two of my favorite series. Now that looked again at this entry, I totally forgot to add Iorek in Armor figurine from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy!:P


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